Our Process

We leave no stone unturned.

The production process at Giallo Stone is very simple yet meticulously structured.  We understand that most construction projects are budget driven but each situation require a different approach and a vision that will help achieve the best outcome within the specified budget.  Therefore, we take several steps and coordination efforts in ensuring the smooth transition of phases while working on each project.


Our service starts with the initial consultation and information gathering to understand our client’s requirements and needs to identify and evaluate the overall project scope, the ultimate goal, and the best ways to apply our expertise to accomplish them.


We then review customer provided measurements (if they exist) or offer to take them ourselves at the job site to calculate the cost of labor and determine the number of slabs required for the project.

Material Selection

We give our clients several options for material selection and try to make this a pleasant and fun experience for them.  We assist with proposing best options based on our design and production expertise to find the material suitable for the project.

Stone Options

We provide a vast array of different category materials and unlimited number of colors and patterns offered through world-winning manufacturers coming from different origins.

Natural Stone
We provide a list of preferred vendors to our clients for them to visit the stone yards to view, select, and put on hold the very slab that will be fabricated at our facility and installed in their home.  An appointed sales representative will assist our client at the yard with the stone selection process and collaborate with us on coordinating efforts of the stone transfer to our shop.  Professional field measurements are always a part of our service and get scheduled as soon as the project is ready for a template.

Engineered Materials
We are partners with industry’s leading quartz, porcelain, and ultra-compact material manufacturers and are certified to fabricate and install all brands which is essential and extremely important for the home owner in terms of qualifying and maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.  


Through years of experience on the field with handling various sinks, we developed our favorite quartz, stainless steel, and vitreous china sink for kitchen and bathroom applications.  We are happy to offer sinks with every project and will deliver and install them on the date of labor at the job site.


We are proud to showcase examples of our work along with sample racks of most stone brands at our beautiful showroom where you will meet with a kitchen and bath designer and discuss your project, receive an instant quote and get help and guidance with the material selection process. Most customers walk away with a feeling of accomplishment and relieve, acknowledging that in a very short time they were able to achieve something that took them days or months of planning and coordination. All the anxiety and confusion quickly melt away and the new phase begins in moving forward with a project that is simplified and a process that’s easy to follow.

We welcome designers, architects, contractors, and fabricators to visit our showroom with their clients and utilize our services in conjunction with theirs. We will partner up and assist our industry specialists with stone work on large and small scale projects in both commercial and residential segments.

Fabrication Shop

Our 15,000 square feet facility consists of the main office, showroom and the fabrication shop which operates state-of-the-art machinery such as Waterjet and CombiJet, Bridge Saws, ProEdge, etc.  Our top notch fabricators and technicians who have been with Giallo Stone from the start, are diligently working on each stone by utilizing cut-edge equipment and hand labor according to each project specifications and requirements. 


We have professional crews of skilled and trusted installers who pour their heart and soul into each job to bring it to a perfect fit and earn the home owner’s smile in satisfaction.  They work with heavy slabs in challenging conditions but always manage to glide through each project with ease, bring the task to completion and leave the job nice and tidy.